# 37317 60th Anniversary - nylonstringjazzguitar

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# 37317 60th Anniversary

The Torres Dome # 37317 is a non-cutaway Dome, Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides. This is Daniel's personal guitar to celebrate his 60th Anniversary in 2017. It's a 3 centuries inspired guitar; the 'ivory' (see below) fingerboard was used on Martin guitars in the 1830ies and 1840ties, the 4 piece back and herringbone inlays are features often seen on guitars of nineteenth century guitar maker Antonio de Torres; the shape is that of the 20th century invention of the archtop jazz guiar, the amplification is a state-of-the-art piezo pickup of the 21st century. All in one instrument! There is herringbone inlay on the top and the back of the guitar. Pickup is a Barbera piezo, no pre-amp on the guitar; the Barbera can be plugged right into an amplifier or used with an external pre-amp. Waverly tuners with ivoroid buttons.
25,5 inch scale length, wide of the neck at the nut is 48 mm.
Antiqued nitro-cellulose blonde finish.

The 'ivory' fingerboard is a man-made material called Elforyn; a high-grade mineral composite material for the manufacture of components and works of art with a character, feel to the touch and appearance similar to ivory.
Elforyn consists of a mixture of different mineral base materials, compounded with a light resistant resin component to provide permanent colour stability, no yellowing.

The essential characteristics of Elforyn are:

- excellent mechanical machinability i.e. for drilling, milling, grinding and polishing,
- minimum breakage risk due to high coefficient of elasticity and homogenous structural composition,
- high-quality surface due to high surface hardness and minimal abrasion losses,
- resistant to all conventional substances such as oils, greases, weak / medium acids and bases,
- very low water absorption (hydrolysis resistant),
- can be polished or lacquer coated to manufacture polished or matt surfaces,
- pleasant to the touch due to good thermal properties.

With this characteristics it is a material well suited for guitar fingerboards.

This guitar, named 'SnowWhite' is Daniel's personal guitar and not available for sale. Pictures and video of the finished instrument will follow soon.

Please inquire if you would like to own a similar instrument.
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