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The Dome
The Dome has a wonderful acoustic sound, but of course in situations where the guitar is played with other musicians amplification is needed. The Dome offers 2 choices of; modern RMC piezo pickups and an RMC pre-amp, or old school Ovation piezo and pre-amp, pre-1985 old school equipment; around 40 years old and still going strong!

The RMC piezo‚Äôs have  factory-matched outputs for even string sound, excellent synth tracking and dynamic response. The RMC Poly-Drive II is a 6 channel polyphonic preamp with 3-band equalizer and guitar/synth controls in a Direct Box format.

The Ovation components are e great match to the acoustic sound quality of the Dome guitar. The combination results in a traditionally hand made modern nylon string jazz guitar with vintage quality amplification; truly 'Old School' !

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