Enrique Medina de Toro, Spain - nylonstringjazzguitar

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Enrique Medina de Toro, Spain

Enrique plays the Snakewood/Cypress Dome # 29612.
Snakewood is also called Letterwood and Leopardwood. It is a dark red to reddish brown with irregular black speckles or stripes. Very hard and heavy, probably harder then ebony. The wood comes from Guyana and Surinam.
The Snakewood/Cypress Dome has the headplate, fingerboard, pickguard, bridge and back inlay in snakewood. The guitar is made with Spanish cypress back and sides, and old growth Port Orford cedar top.
Tuners are Waverly’s with.......... snakewood buttons!

Hi Daniel,
I'm really happy with this guitar. It is very comfortable to play, it has a warm and deep tone, the balance between the bass and treble strings is perfect and perfectly responds to the dynamics of the fingers.
The projection of the sound is very clear and perfect playing unplugged and the RMC gold piezos make that can be amplified preserving the purity of their sound. I use the TC Electronics G Natural with all my nylon guitars and I need to change nothing in my setup.
"She" is the guitar and the sound I was looking for the last ten years. I agree with other Dome owners that is the perfect guitar to play bossa nova.
Thank you very much for being the luthier of this artwork and congratulations from Spain.
Best regards

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