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The Dome
Ebony is the wood of preference for the fingerboard. Other woods like rosewood, ziricote or snakewood are sometimes used with great results. Sometimes the esthetics of the guitar call for a specific type of fingerboard wood, such as on the Snakewood Dome.

Scale length is 25 1/2 inch. This creates enough tension on the nylon strings to drive the top and sound great. Shorter string length is not advised because the nylon strings would would heave less tension and be less powerful.

Fretwire is wide, medium high as is used on many steel string archtop guitars. Other fretwire can be used of course on request. The fretboard has a 12 inch radius. The nut measures 4,8 cm width and string spacing is 4.0 cm. String spacing at the bridge is 5,5 cm.

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