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Gerard Koomen, Neth.

Gerard Koomen is the owner of The Cypress Dome # 25610, Gerard had been searching for a jazz nylon string guitar for many years without success, until he came across The Cypress Dome.....

Good morning Daniel,

Just did the first two performances with The Dome; the first was with a 4 person band, one of which a drummer. The Dome cut through clearly without any feedback
issues. The color and volume of the sound are very present. The other gig was a 3 person setup, quieter volume, nice open sound. That’s where The Dome really performs well. The bass player is a piano tuner as well and he congratulated me on the purchase of the guitar and clearly heard a difference to the famous brand name guitar I used before.
In summary I think you have made a welcome addition to the nylon jazz guitar world.

Daniel, thanks and I am sure we will meet again, warm greetings, Gerard
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