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The Dome
The main woods used for the neck of The Dome are Spanish cedar and Honduran mahogany. Both are lightweight, strong, and stable. hen available flamed Spanish cedar is used for looks; the flames have no influence on sound. The Cypress Dome uses Spanish cypress for the neck. Sometimes a diferent wood is used such as redwood or walnut.

Standard neck width is 48 mm at the nut, with 40 mm string spacing. String spacing at the bridge is 55 mm.

The neck has a two-way adjustable truss -rod. It is not needed to counteract the tension of the nylon strings which is quite low. However it is very useful for a precies set-up, adjusted to the playing style and technique of the guitarist. Anwhere from straight to a light upbow for relief can be precisely dialed in. The neck can be adjusted with full sting tension on so any change can be instantly monitored.

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