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News 2019


This year 2019 Daniel Slaman Guitars has organised and sponsored a concert in The Hague, Netherlands

The Music of Ellington and Strayhorn for jazz chamber ensemble
By the Axel Hagen-Olaf Tarenskeen Quartet featuring Sanna van Vliet & the Alberti String Quartet

20th September 2019, Koorenhuis, Den Haag, Netherlands

Video of the Concert online here

An  evening with the music of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn, arranged  by Axel Hagen for a 9 musicians ensemble including 2 guitars and the  Alberti String Quartet.
The  term ‘chamber jazz’ describes a group of people, utilizing ‘modern’ and  ‘classical’ instruments as well as the human voice, playing within a  small ensemble of soulful, knowledgeable musicians in a primarily  acoustic setting.

Sanna van Vliet - Vocals
Axel Hagen - Guitar,arrangements
Olaf Tarenskeen - Guitar
Joan Terol Amigo - Drums
Thomas W.Andersen - Bass

and the Alberti String-Quartet:
Víctor Flores - Violin
Ángela Moya - Violin
Estela Briceño - Viola
Cèlia Torres – Cello

Introducing: the Custodian

The Old School Dome 'Custodian' is a guitar featuring special woods and inlay. Over the past 40 + years Daniel has been collecting rare woods from around the world with the idea of making guitars with day. Well, in the year 2019, that day has come................ some of the woods date back to the time when Daniel was building classical guitars. These woods are eminently suited to make nylon string archtop jazz guitars, specifically the Old School Dome.

The way the special guitars are distinguished by adding the word 'Custodian' to the model name as in Old School Dome Custodian.  'Custodian' in the meaning of

a person or organization that is responsible for protecting, caring for, or maintaining something or someone

Waiting List.

Due to demand and work load, all Dome guitar orders received in 2019 will have a 1,5 year wait time; delivery will be in 2020.

Guitars made without order are sometimes available and will then appear on the website; an opportunity to avoid the waiting list. Please feel free to check the Stock list on the site to see what is available.

New model: the Old School Dome

The first of a new series of nylon string jazz guitars, the Old School Dome, was delivered to Pat Metheny on November 7th, 2017. Read all about it here (# 37717 for Pat Metheny) and here (general features of the Old School Dome).
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