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The Custodian

The Old School Dome 'Custodian' is a guitar featuring special woods and inlay. Over the past 40 + years Daniel has been collecting rare woods from around the world with the idea of making guitars with day. Well, in the year 2019, that day has come................ some of the woods date back to the time when Daniel was building classical guitars. These woods are eminently suited to make nylon string archtop jazz guitars, specifically the Old School Dome.

The way the special guitars are distinguished is by adding the word 'Custodian' to the model name as in Old School Dome Custodian.  'Custodian' in the meaning of

a person or organization that is responsible for protecting, caring for, or maintaining something or someone

The vibe of the thing being that the Custodian guitar is special and the owner is in fact the custodian of an object of value and beauty; to have the feeling of enjoying and caring for the guitar for a given time, be it long or short, and even a feeling of a time in the future (distant or near future but that time will come) that somebody else will take over that role; maybe another owner, maybe a son or daughter, maybe a dear friend. Over the years many customers feel like their Slaman guitar has become a family member that will be treasured by next generations.

The Old School Dome Custodian will pay tribute to the greatest guitar maker of all, Antonio de Torres (1817 - 1892).  All Custodian models will feature a Torres style herringbone inlay on the top to honour the maestro, or a multi color fine line purfling inlay in subtle color schemes with white, green, yellow, brown, red and black lines. And yes i know that i can not stand in the shadow of maestro Torres but we all need heroes. Inspiration springs eternal.
Torres was a master in combining woods to create an harmonious looking instrument; likewise the Custodian guitars feature carefully chosen materials for esthetic and sound reasons. Therefore the guitar can be treasured not only as wonderful musical instrument, but also as Objet d'Art.

In Daniel's guitar making career, the time has come to build these special guitars.

Maybe in your life the time has come to become a Custodian of one of them.

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