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The Old School Dome

Old School
The Old School Dome takes a step from the Classic features into the jazz archtop world; the Jazz Dome has binding on the body and neck, just as her steel string sisters have. In 2016 Pat Metheny asked Daniel to build him an Old School Dome with electronics of the early eighties og the previous century. The result was delivered to him in 2017; the Old School Dome # 37717. Metheny since then played it on every concert.

The Old School Dome is a guitar featuring 'old school' piezo pre-amps and piezo pickups, made by the Ovation company in the previous century. The parts date from the late seventies until the mid eighties.
The vintage Ovation OPC piezo pickup and pre-amps are famous for their musical quality and use in high volume on-stage performance. Six piezo-crystal elements located under the specially designed, intonation-corrected saddle, respond to the pressure changes caused by the vibrating strings. Designed to reduce hum and line noise, the FET pre-amp (Field Effect Transistors) is quick and easy to adjust while performing. The OP24 pre-amp has 'OP' amps that powers it and has great dynamics. "Op amp" is an abbreviation for the term 'operational amplifier'.

The build quality of both the pre-amp and piezo pickups is superb and they are still going strong after nearly 40 years! The musical qualities of the components are a great match to the acoustic sound quality of the Dome guitar. The combination results in a traditionally hand made modern nylon string jazz guitar with vintage quality amplification; truly 'Old School' !

Important notice; no 'donor Ovation guitars' are harmed in the process of making the Old School Dome; some donor guitars were damaged beyond reasonable repair, some have the pickup replaced by a bone saddle for a second life as acoustic guitar, then given away to friends, to good guitarists with no money, and to schools for the teachers and students to use.
The first Ovation electric-acoustic guitar appeared in the late-'60s after the closing of Charles Kaman’s helicopter design firm. Borrowing from his blade designs, Kaman built innovative guitars with rounded composite plastic backs and Sitka spruce tops. These synthetic backs and patented electronics earned Ovation a reputation as one of the most innovative guitar makers in the world.
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