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The Dome
The Dome is made with several species of top wood. Initially only Sitka spruce was used as it seemed to be the only wood that could take the dome shape because of it’s high strength and elasticity. When Daniel had built up more experience with The Dome, other top woods were again tried and turned out very succesful. Now Domes can be made with European spruce, Western Red Cedar and redwood. Subtle differences are present with each of the woods, the general rule being that the spruce guitars have a strong, punchy tone while the cedar and redwood guitars are loud and responsive to the lightest touch. It’s a matter of personal preference.

If you take your guitar on the road a lot, Sitka spruce would be the first choice as it can take more punishment the the softer cedar or redwood. A special variety of Sitka spruce is wood with bearclaws; patterns on the wood that give the impression as were they carved in by a bear. They are an esthetic feature and have no influence on sound.
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