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Torres Dome

The Torres Dome is inspired by the work of the 19th century guitar maker Antonio de Torres (1817 - 1892).
From Daniel's early days of guitar making until the present day, the guitars of Antonio de Torres, the father of the classical as we know it, is an everyday inspiration for building the guitars.

The Torres Dome features herringbone inlays on top, back, and sometimes even the sides. The wood selection for these guitars is guided by the choices of wood of Torres, both in species like Spanish cypress, as in looks and feel; wood selection that speaks and relates more to the heart than to the mind; wood that has a story to tell in maybe a minor cosmetic blemish or color variation,  as opposed in the 'perfect' choice of wood. As did Antonio de Torres..............  

In 2017, Daniel followed the trail of Antonio de Torres with a trip to Spain, recorded in a 17 minutes documentary available here

Slaman Guitars organizes and sponsors a Concert 'Recordando a Don Antonio de Torres' , 23rd June 2017, Den Haag, Netherlands. Concert Trailer here
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